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Upcoming Workshops and Festivals


February 07-12 Valentango Festival. Portland, OR

March 2-4 Workshop Purdue University, IN

April 20-22 Special workshops Chicago, IL.

May 25-27 Ann Arbor, MI

June 1-3 Louisville Tango Fest. KY

July 5-8 Windy City Tango Fest. Chicago, IL

September 6-9 Workshop Missoula, MT

December 28- Janury 1 SDTF. San Diego, CA


February 20-16 Valentango Festival. Portland, OR

April 19-21 Ann Arbor, MI

Past Workshops & Festivals


January 24th Follower's technique by Daniela (Chicago).

February 13-15 Winter Tango Festival in Champaign-Urbana.

February 18-23 Valentango Festival in Portland .

February 28th. Women's technique by Daniela (Chicago).

February 28th Leader's technique by Hernan (Chicago).

March 6-8 Workshops in Ann Arbor.

May 9-10 4th Close embrace weekend in Chicago.

May 23 Follower's technique by Daniela (Chicago).

June 5-7 Workshop in Pittsburgh

June 12-14 Toronto Tango Festival.

June 20-21 1st Close embrace workshop in Ann Arbor

August 1-2  2nd Close embrace workshop in Ann Arbor 

September 11-13 Workshop in Missoula.

September 26-27 3rd Close embrace workshop in Ann Arbor

October 9-11 Workshops in Cleveland.

October 24-25 4th Close embrace workshop in Ann Arbor 

November 5-10 Tango Maya Fest (Cancun).

December 31-January4th San Diego Tango Festival.



December 13-31 Buenos Aires.

November 29-30 Midwest Tango Fest.

November 22-14 Workshop in Nashville.

November 15-17 Workshop at Perdue Univerity.

November 6-11 Tango Maya Fest (Cancun).

October 24-31 Mexico City.

September 23-15 Workshop in Montana.

August 2-5 Workshop in St. Louis. MO.

April 10-30 Workshop in San Diego.

Aprl 1-14 Buenos Aires.

March 24-31 Buenos Aires.

March 15-23 workshop in Chicago.

March 6-14 workshop in Salt Lake City.

March 1-6  workshop in Sun Valley.

February 20-25 Valentango Festival (Portland)

February 14-17 Workshop in Seattle.

February 7-12 Workshop in Ann Arbor.

January 18-22 New York.

January 1-17 Workshop in Chicago.


January 6-8 Workshop Toledo, OH

February 9-13 Valentango Festival Portland, OR

March 10-11 Workshop Toledo, OH

April 14-16 Workshop Toledo, OH


December 5-7 Workshop in Gainsville, FL.

November 29th Follower's technique by Daniela (Chicago).

November 22-23 3rd. Close mebrace weekend in Chicago.

November 6-10 Tango Maya Fest (Cancun).

October 10-12 workshop at Perdue University.

September 12-14 Workshops in Mossoula.

August 30-31 2nd Close embrace weekend in Chicago.

July 19th. Follower's technique by Daniela (Chicago).

May 31-June 1st 2nd Close embrace weekend in Chicago.

February 21-23 Winter Tango Festival in Champaign-Urbana.

February 12-16 Valentango Festival (Portland).
February 1-2 Fire & Ice Festival in Ann Arbor.

January 16-19 Tampa Festival.







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